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How To Install Framework Codeigniter 3 On Your Localhost

Hello everybody! I will explain how to install framework Codeigniter 3 on localhost. It isn't difficult to do and doesn't need a lot of time. So, let's begin. Prepare a cup of coffee or tea and some biscuit or snack.

What are tools that we have to prepare?

Well, we have to prepare some tools to do this. I assume that your PC or laptop already have XAMPP or WAMP installed. Next, prepare your browser application, such as; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Then, the main tool, of course the framework Codeigniter. You can get it by visit Codeigniter's site here https://codeigniter.com/. Choose Download menu and then click Download Codeigniter 3.

Install Framework Codeigniter

Okay, we already have the tools. Let's proceed to the next step.

Extract Codeigniter Zipped and Move in htdocs Folder

The next step is to extract the zipped Codeigniter's source code. After that, move or copy the extracted Codeigniter's folder in htdocs folder. The location? It's in xampp folder.

Install Framework Codeigniter

Start XAMPP and Open Codeigniter Via Web Browser

After we place Codeigniter's folder in htdocs folder, we have to test it by accessing Codeigniter via web browser. Don't forget to start Apache and Mysql service on XAMPP. If you done, open web browser and type in address bar http://localhost/Codeigniter-3.0.6. I use 1234's port so the url is http://localhost:1234/Codeigniter-3.0.6.

Install Framework Codeigniter

Do you get the same look with the picture above? Congratulations! Codeigniter 3 has been installed successfully on localhost. It isn't difficult, it is? Hope you enjoy it :)

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